The Ultimate Resistance Loop Band Workout Guide

This 41-page ebook provides you with fully illustrated exercises to help you get the most of your new resistance loop band purchase.

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The Resistance Tube Band Fitness Solution

This 35-page ebook showcases the wide variety of exercises you can perform with your new resistance tube bands.

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The Pullup Band Fitness Solution

Want to do more pull ups? Our pull bands can help you by helping you to perform assisted pull ups.

This 35 page ebook not only shows you how to use your new band to do more pull ups, but it demonstrates other exercises you can do with your band as well.

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The Ballet Band Stretch Guide

ballet band

Do you dance or do ballet?  Then use our ballet stretch band to help you improve your flexibility and poses.

This 18-page illustrated guide shows you how to fully perform a wide variety of stretches that will help you improve your dance and ballet abilities.

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