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resistance band ab exercise

Resistance Band Training for the Core

Bodyweight resistance is the most common mode of strengthening the abdominals and low back. Adding external resistance such as an elastic band may increase the training stimulus to these areas, particularly in programs whose progress is stalled. The abdominal and core region is a key area for whole body stabilization and sports performance, most likely […]

shoulder resistance band workout

Resistance Band Training: Shoulder Isolation

Isolated joint exercises are probably the most popular form of elastic resistance training. These exercises generally involve single joints moving in one direction and are used to target specific muscles that provide joint stability and prevent overuse injuries. Individually strong muscles and stable joints often form the base for executing simple, as well as more […]

stretching guide

Stretching Exercises: The Essential Guide

Stretching has become a contentious issue in recent years. Though it was once considered an essential pre-workout and post-workout activity, studies are now finding that it does not reduce the risk of injury, nor does it enhance performance. In fact, it can be detrimental in some cases because it temporarily reduces the explosiveness of some […]

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