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Perfecting Your Posture with Exercise

Nothing gives away your age, or your state of mind more than your posture. Drooping shoulders, sagging tummy, dragging feet, all shout out . . . ‘Stressed!’ ‘Tired!’ ‘Lacking Confidence.’ In contrast, good posture and fluid, graceful movement can take years off – not to mention centimeters. But that isn’t all. Restoring your body’s equilibrium […]

women's fitness

A Women’s Guide to Shaping Muscle (Part 1)

A toned, sleek and well-defined physique is on most women’s fitness wish list, but for many there is still fear that strength (or resistance) training will build bulging bulky muscles. How strength training affects your muscles depends on a number of factors – most importantly, the way you train (in terms of frequency, weight, number […]

fitness motivation

9 Helpful Exercise Motivation Tips

For most people, their main motivation for working out is to lose weight or to possess a fit looking body. Knowing that you’re improving your health, strengthening your bones, getting rid of stress, keeping your circulation and digestive system in good shape are also good reasons to keep exercising. However, unless you find other reasons […]

gaining muscle

6 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle (And What to Do About It)

You’ve been trying to build muscle for a while. You’re using a combination of resistance bands, bodyweight, and weights. Yet, your expected muscle gains just aren’t happening. “Why am I not building or gaining muscle?” Our guess is that you’re making one or more of the 6 most common muscle building mistakes. Don’t worry, though […]

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