gaining muscle

6 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle (And What to Do About It)

You’ve been trying to build muscle for a while. You’re using a combination of resistance bands, bodyweight, and weights. Yet, your expected muscle gains just aren’t happening. “Why am I not building or gaining muscle?” Our guess is that you’re making one or more of the 6 most common muscle building mistakes. Don’t worry, though […]

cravings food

How To Stop Cravings and Take Control of Your Nutrition

What’s really behind that maniacal 3 p.m. brownie scoffing, almost against your will, when you know you absolutely shouldn’t? You’re not alone. More than 50% of people report experiencing cravings on a regular basis. But they’re the enemy of your health and weight-loss goals and can quickly derail your best laid plans. You’re struggling with how […]

resistance band training

Why Use Resistance Bands: 17 Persistent Myths Shattered

Recently I gave up my gym membership, but not my fitness goals. They’re stronger than ever. You see, I’ve found the perfect gym replacement, resistance bands. I used to think resistance bands were just for rehabilitation and light home workouts, but then I discovered they provide a more intense, well-rounded workout than free weights.  Now […]

Fit Simplify Pro Loop Bands (Set of 3)

5 Things You Must NEVER Do With Your Resistance Loop Bands (and 3 You Should)

Resistance loop band training is an affordable and effective way to exercise. When it comes to convenience, portability, and ease of set up, it’s hard to beat. But what about durability? Resistance Band Maintenance Resistance loop bands are made from commercial grade latex tubing and are designed for years of use. However, like anything, misuse […]

resistance band circuit training

Resistance Band Circuit Training: Taking it to the Next Level

Many people view resistance band training as an entry point into resistance exercise. Once they ‘outgrow’ their bands, they are ready to move on to ‘real’ weights. In this article, we will disprove that notion for good. We’ve lined up an intense resistance band circuit workout that is designed to turbo charge your fat loss […]

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