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Flat Stomach Diet Checklist

A flat stomach is seen as the epitome of being in shape for both genders. If you are trying to get a flat stomach with defined abs, this is the cheat sheet that you need to see. Every body shape is different and reacts in its own unique way to exercise and healthy eating. However, when it comes to getting a flat stomach, there are specific universal truths that you need to know and start following.

You have to give up white sugar

It is what it is. Processed white sugar is like the devil running up behind you when you are in the gym. It will undo and destroy all of your hard work to get the Instagram-ready flat stomach that you have been focused on. Sugar inflames your stomach like a blowfish and it makes you look and feel more bloated than you would if you didn’t use sugar. Brown sugar is better than white sugar; however, it would be a better idea to eliminate white sugar from your diet completely. This means no extra white sugar droplets in your tea or coffee. This means decreasing your intake of carbonated sodas as well.

Find substitutes for sugar that are healthy

Substituting processed white sugar is an excellent idea. There are substitutes such as stevia, maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is particularly popular if you are on a quest for a flat stomach but you don’t want to give up on having sugar in your diet. It comes from the sap of the coconut palm. It’s a healthier alternative because it has calcium, vitamin C and phytonutrients amongst other vitamins and minerals. You can add it to your drinks because it also has a decreased amount of fructose compared to white sugar which is packed with fructose. This is the sugar element that literally turns into fat once it is in your body.

Look for alternatives for salt

We are a nation of salt addicts. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted in a recent study that almost 90 percent of US adults consume more sodium than is required or needed by the human body, according to this CDC release. White salt is another way for your stomach to explode in size when it comes to bloating. You can use salt here and there but don’t overdo it. If you are someone who loves decorating all of your meals with salt, you need to read this following sentence thoroughly: look for an alternative today. Pink Himalayan Salt is 99% pure and it is not heavily processed like table salt because it is mined by hand. In order to get a flat stomach, you must come up with a strategy for how you are going to manage salt intake. Decrease table salt intake and use Pink Himalayan Salt in moderation for optimal results in the journey to get a flat stomach.

Eat healthy fruits & vegetables instead of candy

We know how delicious chocolate bars and bonbons can be yet they take a serious toll on you trying to get a flat stomach. Replace sweets and candy with healthy yet concise portions of bananas, avocado or cucumbers that you can snack on during the day. Sweets are loaded with sugar which slows down your ability to make your stomach flat.

Decrease cereal consumption

Breakfast cereals always remind us of being young and eating with family. They remind your tummy of becoming bigger and bloated. They also can make you feel sleepy during the day which isn’t ideal if you know you need to go to the gym for a workout.

Create dedicated workouts that target your stomach

Ab workouts are needed in abundance if you are going to make your stomach flat. You should be looking at a variety of equipment to use (include resistance bands for maximum effect with your workouts). Light to medium strength resistance bands can work well for people who want soft toned abs that don’t look overdone. The super strength resistance bands can help increase the intensity of your ab workouts to achieve a ripped look.

Have small meals spread out during the day

Avoid large meals that will make you feel full and sleepy afterward. Smaller meals that are spread out during the idea are better because your body will find it easier to digest it. By giving your body a chance to digest food, you won’t overload your body with bloating.

Go on a low-carb diet

Carb-laden foods such as pizza and pasta will make your hopes for a flat stomach take much longer. It’s better to go on a low-carb diet that you can easily manage. A nutrition plan that doesn’t have a high intake of carbs will mean that you will feel less bloated as you eat. You can intersperse carb-rich treat days where you can eat specific carbs that you want so that you don’t feel deprived. Low-carb diets are not for everyone but there is no doubt that they help to get you a flat stomach faster than diets that are rich in carbs.

Add chia seeds to your diet

Chia seeds can be integrated into your diet by being included in smoothies, for example. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s make your muscles stronger which is important if you want a flat stomach because you need healthy muscles to make your stomach toned.

Don’t have chewing gum

Another bloating magnet is chewing gum. It makes your stomach full of air and it also contributes to excessive bloating if you use it frequently. If you are someone who loves chewing gum, you need to cut it out of your diet ASAP.

This cheat sheet alongside a rigorous and focused workout routine will help you achieve a flat stomach as long as you take it seriously. Eating well and working out are critical components to having a flat tummy but you can’t get there if you don’t get your mental side in gear to take on the challenge. Have a positive attitude, along with a nutrition plan and a fitness workout regime that includes resistance bands.

Flat Tummy Cheat Sheet Checklist

Before you get started, make things easy for yourself by printing off this checklist or saving it to your phone.

  • Notebook to write down daily meals – it shouldn’t be a general notebook
  • A calorie counting app to record your calories
  • Appropriate exercise shoes for the gym
  • A pack of resistance bands so you can do workouts for abs, legs, and thighs
  • A camera if you are going to film your workouts or your journey to get a flat stomach
  • Print out a list of foods that you can eat and keep it close to you
  • Make a vision board for your flat tummy goals to stay focused

flat tummy checklist

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