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The Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet (also known simply as keto) is one of the most popular diets and lifestyle regimes in the world currently. Celebrities like Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian have embraced the diet because of the various benefits and advantages that it can give you.

The National Institutes of Medicine cited research from doctors that found that weight and body mass index (BMI) decreased in several obese patients once they started doing the ketogenic diet. Its’ allure in helping people lose weight and stay fit is one reason why more people are flocking to it. If this is something that you want for yourself, keep reading our Guide to see whether the ketogenic lifestyle is right for you.

How does it work?

The science behind the ketogenic diet is simple: it is a low-carb diet that focuses on the ketones that are produced by your liver. Ketones are produced by your liver when your body is in ketosis; this is the state that your body is in when it is trying to survive if resources for nutrition are scarce. Essentially, you want to keep your intake of carbs low instead of relying on a high carb diet that makes you feel full but does make you put on weight. Instead of existing on a high carb diet for energy, the ketogenic diet puts an emphasis on healthy fats as another source of health and nutrition.

What goals does it achieve?

One reason why the ketogenic diet has taken over the hearts and minds of so many people is that it is known for helping with weight loss. However, that’s not the only benefit. Here are some goals that you can achieve on the ketogenic diet:

  • Have more energy
  • Feel better
  • Be healthier
  • Improve nutrition
  • Gives you more energy for gym workouts

What am I allowed to eat?

One thing that the latest fad diets always do is tell you what you can’t eat. The ketogenic diet is different because instead of thinking about what you are not allowed to eat, instead, you will focus on the foods that you are allowed to have and why they will help you be healthy and fuel your body for workouts with resistance bands and other gym equipment. Take a look at some of these food options that you have below:

  • Leafy vegetables such as spinach: Spinach is rich in Vitamin K, which is ideal in helping your bones remain healthy, according to Medical News Today. You can create spinach smoothies, design inventive salads with kale and spinach or include healthy side spinach sides when you are cooking meals for your keto diet at home. Always stay creative when it comes to cooking leafy vegetables so that you don’t get bored when you are on the diet.
  • Broccoli: This vegetable is full of natural fiber which helps with indigestion. It’s difficult to come up with unique resistance band workout ideas in the gym for glutes, legs, and abs if you are struggling to feel good inside. Nourish your body from the inside with broccoli when you are on the keto diet and watch changes in how you digest food. It will make you feel better and more energetic which will have a positive effect on how you craft a fitness routine.
  • Blackberries: These are excellent options to include in your ketogenic diet depending on the weight that you will include in your nutrition plan. Blackberries are full of Vitamin K which helps your blood clot easily. It also has manganese. Manganese is unique because it is a vitamin that helps carbs metabolize in your body without problems, according to Healthline.
  • Greek yogurt: Even though it is a dairy product, you can have it because it is low in carbs. Remember, reducing carb intake is critical if you want to make sure that the ketogenic diet works for you. Livestrong noted that Greek yoghurt has Probiotics which help cleanse your digestive system. This is important for busy fitness enthusiasts who want to make sure they are eating healthily before going to the gym for intense workout sessions with resistance bands or other fitness equipment.
  • Cheeses (Hard & Soft): If you love cheese, you are going to love the ketogenic diet. You can include a variety of hard and soft cheeses because they will be one source where you get your fats from which is needed in the diet. Hard cheeses include Swiss cheese and Parmesan. Soft cheeses are options such as brie and mozzarella. You shouldn’t overdo it with the cheese in your diet but you are allowed to have it. The benefit of having cheese in your ketogenic meal plan is the abundance of calcium in hard and soft cheeses.
  • Fats: Your body needs oils and fats to be healthy. However, there is always a risk that you can go off the edge of the cliff if you don’t know what you are doing. The types of food that will allow you to get your intake of fats to include olive oil, egg yolks, and avocados amongst other options. The better idea is to always choose the organic way of consuming the fats. If you want to make a dish cooked in avocado oil, go for the cold-pressed production option so that you can get the healthiest version available.
  • Protein: On keto, protein comes in all shapes and sizes. You can eat protein-rich fish like salmon and tuna. Seafood options like oysters, squid and lobster are ideal to get your protein fix on keto as well. Pork, beef, and poultry are also allowed. Not everyone likes pork though for various reasons so you can use lamb instead if you want.

As you can see, there is diversity in choice when it comes to what you can eat while doing the ketogenic diet. It isn’t restrictive and it doesn’t hold you back. When you are making your meal plans on the ketogenic diet, always think Low Carb High Fats in order to choose the right foods for you.

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What are the direct benefits of keto?

The benefits of the ketogenic diet are intriguing. Have a look at some of the benefits you can expect to get when you go on the keto diet:

  • Clear skin, less acne:Keto is known to decrease skin flare-ups, according to Medical News Today. If your skin is acne prone, the low carb element of keto means that you won’t be testing your skin as much and you will give it a chance to be healthier.
  • Helps to make your heart healthy: The good fats that are available in the ketogenic diet improve heart health significantly.
  • Makes you more alert: A study cited by Medical News Today found that children who were on a keto diet were more alert compared to those that were not.
  • Helps you lose weight: This is one of the most popular benefits of keto because it supercharges weight loss. You lose weight because of the fact you are decreasing the carbs in your diet.

The ketogenic diet is enriching because it allows your body to be healthy and it nourishes your body from the inside.

Are there any ketogenic side effects?

As with every diet lifestyle change, the ketogenic diet does have some side effects that you should be aware of. Each person reacts to keto differently but here are some side effects that could affect you:

  • Bloating: You might experience bloating and cramps when you first start keto, according to an article from Women’s Health. This happens because you probably won’t be consuming grainy foods which have fiber and that helps to manage constipation, bloating and cramps.
  • Bad Breath: Many people who go on keto report having bad breath in the beginning. This is because as your body makes ketones, it needs to get rid of them. As it expels ketones from your body, they leave through your lungs. The most common ketone that leaves your body is acetone which comes in your breath. It should go away after a while but you can also mitigate this by improving your oral hygiene.
  • Fatigue: You can feel tired and lethargic when you start keto. This is due to the calorie and food restrictions you will be putting on yourself. It should clear up after the initial phase of keto.

Some people don’t experiences side effects, others do. Some of these side effects will go away over time. Before you go on the ketogenic diet, make sure to visit your doctor to be cleared to be on it.

What is the keto flu?

The keto flu is a side effect of the diet that deserves more attention. Some followers of the diet find that they feel dizzy, tired, feeling annoyed and stomach cramps. This happens because when you start keto, your body doesn’t have normal carbs to draw energy from and begins to be in ‘ketosis’. Your body will feel like it has a ‘flu’ which is why you get the side effects of feeling sick as if you have a cold. You shouldn’t experience the keto flu symptoms longer than a few days or a week. If you continue feeling sick for longer than this period of time, contact your physician.

Do I need to do keto forever?

You should do keto with a specific goal in mind. For some people, they want to be healthier. Others want to lose weight. If you have achieved your goal, you can explore other nutrition plans or you can decide to integrate keto completely into your lifestyle.

How much weight can I lose on keto?

One person noted that they lost 30 pounds on the ketogenic diet. If weight loss is a key focus for you, the diet will help. You should always strive to lose weight in a healthy way and don’t overdo it. A dedicated workout that includes resistance bands will help you tone your body as you lose weight so that you don’t get excess skin hanging off you.

Will keto help me with my gym workouts?

A healthy diet will always help people who are passionate about working out in the gym. Due to the fact that you will have more energy, you will be able to use a variety of gym equipment from the treadmill to resistance bands. Loop band workouts can be a particular focus for you while you are toning your body during the ketogenic diet.

How can I still go out and socialize with friends while being on keto?

You don’t have to give up your friends and entertainment while being on keto. You need to do things in moderation and don’t go overboard. If you know a group of your friends are planning a birthday dinner at a restaurant known for carb-laden meals, you should choose the protein-rich food options that do not have carbs attached to them.

Ketogenic Diet Checklist

  • Notebook to write down what you eat per day
  • Spreadsheet to note how much you are spending per week on the ketogenic diet
  • Our list of foods in this guide so you know what you are allowed to eat
  • Have fresh water to drink every day
  • Work out for at least 30 minutes per day (include resistance bands in your workout for an extra kick)
  • Write down the calories you are burning every day

How to stay inspired while on keto

Being inspired during keto means thinking differently about weight loss and working out. Reset your mind completely while you are doing keto and you can do this by trying new, fun things that make the diet fun. These include:

  • Start an Instagram account monitoring your ketogenic journey
  • Join forums or Facebook groups dedicated to keto so you can be connected with other people who are also on the diet
  • Read ketogenic diet blogs in order to learn more about the lifestyle
  • Take a before and after picture of your body once you have done the diet for 30 days
  • Be inspired by reading celebrity stories of how keto has transformed their bodies

By looking at keto as a lifestyle change, you will be able to sculpt your body into the way you want it to look. A rigorous fitness routine that includes specific loop band workouts and the ketogenic meal plan will ensure that you get the body that you want.

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